I'm gonna go holler at Nigo

i'm going to japan! what up nigo.

My one goal of the year was to have the chance to visit Tokyo. I was dreading crossing the New Year without having been. Thankfully everything worked out and less than a month ago I purchased tickets for a two week visit over thanksgiving. Here are some details.

I'm flying out of JFK on a direct 14 hour flight to Tokyo on the 21st. Not business class but I do have a window seat. Thank god i'm not stuck in the middle row that seats like 38 people across.

I arrive in Tokyo the next day at 3:45pm

I'm not sure where i'm staying once i get there. I have a friend but i don't plan on seing them till later in the trip. This is my chance, as blazey said, to have my "Lost In Translation" moment. Maybe i can stay in those infamous coffin like drawers (remember, half of the trip is for me to show everyone who hasn't been as much as possible)

The next morning i head down to Kyoto via bullet train where i'll meet up with my friend Kate and some of her folks. I think we are staying there for a few days.

- After Kyoto I travel with Kate to where she is teaching for a year – kanazawa. I'm going to present to her class Tuesday morning. she says they will be really excited to see a guy from the big city of New York since it is a pretty small town and quite a bit aways from tokyo.

- Nagano is my next stop. I met a girl from there back in march when she was on vacation here in brooklyn. I think i'll stay there a day or two.

- the bulk of my time (the last week) I want to spend in Tokyo. There are so many things to see and do. Please Please PLEASE give me any suggestions or things you want to see. I'll go do them or see them and do my best to document everything.

And then it is all over December 5th. okay, now I want any and all comments, suggestions, ideas, warnings etc