journey to the eiffel

Yesterday i saw the Eiffel tower for the first time since the last ime i was at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm sorry but as grand as it may be, all the year visiting the amusment park and or driving to cincinnati via i71 numbed me a bit. I've not seen it lit up at night yet and maybe that is when I will be truly awe inspired. Or maybe in a situation that marcia discribed on her wonderfully written blog:

"The couples made it more beautiful. 

I know its a cliche, but lest we forget, I am a girl and I do have a great big heart.  Seeing these two couples standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, one young, one older about twenty feet apart from one another standing  on the great big lawn/garden. They were both embraced, the younger couple just staring out across the at Paris, taking everything in, the older couple alternately kissing and looking up at the tower, whispering to one another in that secret language that two people in love share. "

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We also took a little stroll through the Luxembourg gardens.


these last two shots are marcias.