We've been drafted

After a bit of deliberation, we decided to take jump and try something a lil' different. Yes, Our Own Thing has been very good to us and allowed us to run our own show for the past 2 1/2 years but now it is time for (catch word of the year) change.

We've been flirting with ologie for the past year or so when they came to us a few months ago and opened up talks about working more closely together. They liked our experience in real estate branding and our photography portfolio. And just as important, the culture that b and i have (even though we are small) meshes well with their culture. A few back and forths later here we are, official Ologie employees or "ologist" as we are now called.

Who is ologie? They are a branding agency based out of our old town of Columbus, Ohio (no, we can't get away). They have an incredible branding portfolio, great people, a beautiful office, and a lady that makes fresh lunch every day.

Are we moving back to Ohio? We are still working and living in NYC. Our new office will be in Brooklyn's DUMBO. We'll be in there in a couple of months but for the time being we'll be working in ohio (blazey flew out this morning) and at home.

How will we work? Blazey and I both took Senior Designer positions although most of my work will be photography based.

What happens to our own thing? We still own our company but it will no longer act as a deisgn firm. We have some other things planned for it.

How do you really feel about this, bk? Well, this is all brand new and such a big change it will take me a while to really grasp what we did. It will be my first time working for someone else since doing something similar my first few months in nyc (I kept my job in ohio and traveled back and forth almost weekly). I've yet to wake up and go to an office every morning (really saves on the water bill). But I love to travel even if it is back and forth to ohio. I love photography and ologie seems to respect my work. I really want to get out of this home office everyday. I can't wait to work with other designers again. Lastly, the next most important thinthing after being happy, it was a good business move for us (at least that is what we are betting).

Stay tuned. We will soon have a bunch of new things for show and tell…

Ologie's website: ologie.com