The Vespa Monologues

I haven't figured out a way to tell bk how to attach a camera to my head and shoot some of the rides. I guess he was daring enough to kinda ride with one hand down the greene on the way home. I think he should go pick Mari up and have her hold the camera while riding with us.

This was after he took me to his first visit to the doctor in a few years. I could tell he was in pain as he rode since we almost fell over a few times while stopped at a light. Sucks that the doctor was extremely far away. We even had to take the BQE (another first) home. He figured it would be faster/less stops. oh, but the bumps must have KILLED him. He later said the thrill of being on the highway took his mind away from the shooting pain up his back, down his right arm and down his right leg.