Mom & Snipper

The other week blazey tried to put me on the spot for not heading down to see the family in Springfield. So just incase he tries to front on me again I want to show some photos from the other day - Dinner with mom and my step-pops, Snipper aka Loren F. Browder Jr. I racked my brain trying to find a place for dinner. Mom doesn't eat red meat, pork or sea food and snip doesn't eat Chicken or seafood – yes, chicken! Once i met up with them at the Book Loft they told me the local Max & Ermas was just fine.

Snip: (I'm not sure how he got the name) Loren is going to look just like him in 35 years.


The place mom insist i bring "teeny book girl". The one on the right is Max and Erma's original location in German Village


Big Snip's tat from way back.


They were getting ideas for their back yard from the B&B I stay at (German Village Guesthouse)


Mom's hair is fly