It could be worse

Nearly fell off my Vespa this morning. I was getting in the left hand lane when i hit one of those painted white lines in the road. The road was a bit and those paint lines are extremely slippery which led me to lose control of my bike. I prevented hitting the ground extending my leg to the pavement (bad idea). At the time i felt like it was broken. I sat on the side of the road in the largest amount of pain i've had in a long while. After about 5 minutes then i got the idea to call someone. Blazey or 911? 911 or Blazey? Blazey would freak out so i called 911 instead. I spoke with someone for about 8 seconds and just told them never mind and hung up. I think it was because i could move my leg and feet so i figured it wasn't broken therefor not emergency enough for 911.

Some fellas finally asked if i needed anything but i told them i was good and proceeded to get back on my bike and head down flushing to the office. I wasn't sure if i was going to the hospital or to work still. A few blocks down i realized i had to go to the emergency room ASAP and i would need my insurance card, which i didn't have. Now i pull over and call Blazey tell him to find out our insurane and meet me in front of the office in 5 mins.

Blazey meets me for the hand off of the bike and insurance info and i head to the hospital. I find out nothing is broken just maybe a tear or something.

I'm just hoping i'm good by wednesday.

ps: mom, they didn't give me powerful pills so don't worry. but i do have a bunch left over from my back so maybe you should...