Janelle Monae's EP fits perfectly

I bought two pre-autographed copies of her record last week. The last red record I had (or ebony had) was Salt N Peppa's 'Push It' single. Although it was more burgundy than red if i remember correctly. The record player is a little thing i found on ebay this past Friday.

oh, while i'm here, i guess i could use this forum to complain about her official Many Moons video not being posted online in higher quality i.e. HD resolution. I'm extremely upset at that. She has done such a great job with her visuals and to present her first video in some janky youtube/onsmash set up is all the way wrong. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't or can't be done. Please, someone close to the wondaland camp mention this to her or set me straight and tell me why that is an impossible thing to do. Thanks

Janelle Monae - Many Moons [audio:many-moons.mp3]