Man At Work

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="502" width="700" allowFullScreen="true" base="" /] i must say, i really do love what i do. Even though this week isn't a glamorous shoot in some fresh location with ridiculously sexy models it's still really fun.

I'm down south shooting with ologie for a Nationwide project. the last few days we go into a proper studio and shoot some bigger setups. i'll show you those when I can. Also, big shout to my new favorite assistant Timur, partner of BlackBox Studios in Charlotte. If you ever do a shoot in the area please get them to produce it. Amazing to work with.

(full screen goes big. really big)


ps: i'm laying in my bed around 6 am and MTV just played 3 videos in about 4 minutes. They don't show full vids anymore? where have i been!?

pss: I think my type is too small for the width of this column. I need to change that when I get home.