So Curvy

moving on up

We (ms ella and I) head into the city via the Manhattan several times a week for all sorts of reasons. The main being going on the hunt for backgrounds for the photobooth biz. I usually take the same basic route there if I'm going to the west side, which is Classon to Flushing and across the Manhattan Bridge. What you see above is a little curve that goes beneath the BQE and round to Park. I love it especially since they painted this massive storage building a red / burt orange color.

Scenes like this I think I'd rather shoot with film. A 4x5 or 6x7 or something. There is such a light difference between the under part of the bridge and the bright sky only film could really pick up the tonal range (I try to limit my use of the fill light slider in Lightroom).

[ 24 - 70mm f8 iso 200 ]