Downtown Brooklyn


I don't think I've walked down flatbush and around downtown Brooklyn ever with the exception of Fulton mall, of course. Friday, I really needed to get out the apartment even though it was about to top 100º outside. I figured I'd just pop down to shoot the shipping containers at the new Dekalb Market and head back. I ended up finding my way to blocks I've never seen -- like one that has turned empty store fronts into a street art gallery which will probably be up until they are ready to demo it down for another insanely tall apartment building.

Not much to say about the photo side of things. I'm using my 24-700 at around 35mm for most of my latest round of photos. Once some extra extra extra money comes along I would like to rent the wide Canon tilt shift. Nope, not for the minaturiazing affect or the way i've used it in the past but to get a bit wider without messing up the angles.