And on the second day, I bought a bike

Marcia joked and said don't come to meet her at the office today without a bike. So after a late rise (6 hours ahead ain't no joke) I headed down the block a shop to have a look at some new bikes. I knew I would buy used but figured it was good to get an idea on the cost in euros of a new one – 799€ for something I liked. I set my budget at around 300€.

The used shop is in a part of town called Neukölln which feels a bit like Bushwick. For the bike, the only parameters was that it had to have a flat handle bar and be single speed. I ended up with a 80s French-made MBX Leader.

And I named it: SLATER 

I didn't realize how bright and 80s it was until I got to Fab and looked around at all the others. It's so bright! I met up with Marcia and some other Fab Europe folks to celebrate July 4th on the canal.