Tiny Gifts

Closer views of some of the smaller things I brought home. This started out as just one photo of the truck but i ended up shooting a few things i found in my box of goodies. ContactSheet-001

car-0519 I found this at Muji in Kanazawa.

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giftss-0541 You put these cats at the entrance of your business so they can catch the money.

giftss-0542 Ninja Pin. Need I say more?

Bento Box Bento Box. This came from a little museum in Kyoto near the Monkey Mountain.

giftss-0556  The charm is from Miho's grandma

giftss-0555 I bought three of these match boxes from a little store in Kyoto

giftss-0560 These are called "mini carpenter block". They are from a design store in Tokyo.

nintendo characters I don't know what is inside. Bought it at the wonderful Tokyo Hands

giftss-0564 Souvenir from the Fushimi Inari Shrine. (mish, maybe you can explain what the fox symbolizes, please ;)

beams x bohla Hip store, Beams' collaboration with watch maker Bohla.

giftss-0566 Wine from Miyota.