very early test of a lens adaptor i'm making

It is about halfway done but i just wanted to play with it. The parts have came from asia, germany, BH Photo and other random places around the united states of america. As you can see it needs a lot more light than normal or it will come out dark and muddy. Hopefully once it is all finished it will render beautiful, shallow depth of field images.

Something about this video i dig. It's kinda like shooting with a holga or if i shot it with an old 8mm. If i add a fan and some string i'll sweding in no time. (see movie for reference)

oh, all of my video's from here on out are probably going to be in HD. So if you want to see it in higher quality either turn on the HD button on the right or go over to vimeo (it can be low if you don't have a new-ish computer though). I won't reference again cause I kinda hate to say "look at my hd video". It's like saying "look at my 24 mega pixel photograph" or "read the letter i wrote with my Montblanc pen. But i will share the technique i use to get a certain look. word.