hamburgers in france

Please read marcia's account of eating a plate of raw hamburger meat:

Last night, being the daring traveller that I am, I decided to try steak tartare. I think that because of the name, I expected raw steak, raw steak which seemed not so bad in the scheme of things, when considering how much I eat steak rare to the point that its only brown on the outside. Besides, I'm gutsy. I'll try anything once. When in Rome?

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oh little mars, glad you could join us for dinner. I wish you didn't drink so much of our wine though.


I asked for a bottle of Bordeaux and just crossed my fingers hoping that it wasn't the 60 € (90 us) bottle. And instead of asking how much it was before i ordered the second bottle (i tried but failed) i just asked for another and again hoped it wasn't super expensive. turned out to only be 18 €.