iphone has no love for japan

I figure now is the time for me to really start preparing for my trip Yes, you all know i'm pretty good at doing things at the last possible moment. I probably wont pull out my luggage till Wednesday morning, a few hours before my flight. Well, the first thing on my list was to check and see if my phone would work. Sadly, no, the amazingly great better than average iphone will not work. I wasn't so much worried about calling but i did want to use it to mobile photoblog to my tumblr page. AT&T told me I could try cellhire.com

What I learned: It will cost me $125 per week for a blackberry $25 delivery cost $1.99 per minute if any of you call me $3.69 per minute if i call any of you $2.59 per minute if i call anyone in japan Data is included

Okay, so it looks like i won't be ordering a phone.