Some people I met in Kyoto

The girls on the far left and right are from Germany. The one on the far right is at a internship in Tokyo. I can't remember their names. We met them at a bar called Bar Billy. The DJ was spinning hip hop and R&B all the while continuing to look over at me. Was he looking for approval? haha. I can't wait to go out in Tokyo! friends-0314-copy.jpg


Also from germany


This is Esti. She is getting her masters in Japanese (i think) at a school in Kyoto. She and the the others below are from Israel. She secretly really wants to be a photographer. I gave her my camera and she couldn't stop. It's too bad she couldn't quite get photo of me jumping over and over while waiting for the bus. "1, 2, 3.... jump! ahh, again!"


Mish speaks very good Japanese and i believe is in a PhD program in Kanazawa. She acted as my art director for some photos you'll see later.