Hip Hop Hipster stores in Kanazawa

I had a little mission to hit up as many of the SB Dunk/Crooks and Castle/any other streetwear stores with exclusive accounts that i could find. I like to look at theses clothes but i'm not feeling most of them for myself. I think it is kinda ridiculouse for some of these lines to charge so much for a t-shirt or an early 90's inspired hoodie (think fresh prince). I've yet to figure out why or how these streetwear brands that popped up in the past 3 years can be so premium. Okay, even though i just said that, when i hit up the billionaire boys club, bathing ape, and the original fake shop in Tokyo I may be forced to cop an overpriced hat for blazey, loren and i. stores-6.jpg

Every now-and-then I take a photo and I'm impressed. It doesn't happen often but man when does i get hella excited. The photo above is one of those images.






The store above is called Casper owned and operated by homie in the fresh NaS hoodie. People call him 'Mister' It is more of a skater shop with a bunch of SB Dunks. The other kid is headed to NYC in the fall and we exchanged info so i could show him around.




Double Burger - It was cool. The interior was pretty nice. I almost bought some socks but held off for some reason.




Grow Around. They had some Crooks & Castle New Era hats and some other random things like a $150 sweatshirt with a screen print of the punch out headshot of Mike Tyson and a bunch of brooklyn hats.


This was a real strange interaction. I was walking down the street and I spotted this guy from the corner of my eye. I walk torwards him and there is this odd stand off like, whoa, i'm looking at another black person. Ha. it was funny. Come to find out he is Nigerian and owns a little shop. What does he sell? Bootlegged clothes of course. Seriously, just a bunch of bootlegged gear, fake chains and do-rags. go figure.