Merican Karuizawa Whisky

Miho and i were chatting and I mentioned I was looking for some good Japanese whisky to take back home. Soon after I said that we happen to drive past a whisky brewery! say word.

They had a nice selection that started with 1992 on down to 1976. It took me a while to decide that two bottles of the 1989 would be better than one bottle of 1979 which was just about 150 bucks. whoa. Maybe if i was a connoisseur of the stuff it would be worth it.

Blazey know's he has one with his name on it but i'm not sure who gets the other. Maybe we can celebrate the new year and each drink one? Marcia is a whisky girl so maybe her? I thought about you Ebony but I wasn't sure. Plus i haven't seen you comment in a while and i'm kinda salty - I thought you were my number one fan!? I'm pretty sure Jillian, my fantastic neighbor, will get the wine (cause i know she will share it with me).