What i really came to japan for

superfuture-1 The retail experience in Tokyo. I heard it was like no other and now I can really say i've seen some of the best, most incredible stores in the world.

This is a guide book from a hip, urban streetwear website called superfuture. I downloaded it and printed it out just before i left. It breaks each neighborhood down and lets you know the best places to visit. And i visited almost every cool shop that they listed and then some. Today i thought my legs were going to fall off.

A few things I can say now are:

  • Pharrell and Kanye only dress better than me 'cause they knew about Tokyo. oh, and their endless bank account ballances of course
  • If you call yourself a fashionista and haven't been to Tokyo then you don't know jack about fashion.
  • women and men of tokyo dress better than you nomatter how fly you think you are or how different you think your style is. the've been there and done that and looked better doing it.
  • if you want to be inspired for retail store design come here
  • the bathing ape store really is that fresh

Thank you superfuture for guiding me through the streets of Tokyo. I can't wait to do it again.