Kanazawa Castle

kanazawa castle-0769 Back in Kanazawa.

I visited an old castle (or location of an old castle) that dates back over 500 years.

I didn't kow how to explain how to say it so i asked my writer friend (shout out marcia) to help me:

Listening to Radiohead's In Rainbows while looking out over a castle with 500 years of history is beautiful and melancholy in a way that reminds you of everything thats past, and everything that will come to pass and by seeing those two things, makes you more able to clearly see the present.


kanazawa castle-0779

kanazawa castle-0784

kanazawa castle-0795

kanazawa castle-0789

kanazawa castle-0798

kanazawa castle-0804

and a little update from japan expert Mish:

 Kanazawa castle is actually I think the newest rebuilt castle in Japan. the building started in 1995 and I think was done a year or so later. till then the only "old" part was the gate- Ishikawa mon- on your first pic. actually the grounds of the castle used to house my university (Im sooo sad that they move the uni to the mountains in the middle of no where with way too much snow). so anyways, yeah, the original castle was destroyed in the Meiji restoration around 1868 or so....sorry to spoil the mood that it set you in.... there actually only three remaining original castles in Japan.