i'm terrible at buying gifts and souviners

I'm not sure why I am so bad at getting things. I crack under pressure. I go out and buy the things i think are cool then i think about them and i wonder if anyone else would like them. For instance, i totally missed the chance to bring back Japanese candy. DUH! Why would i not pick some up. Okay, i had all intentions of picking some up but I thought it could wait for the airport.  My train ended up being canceled while i was waiting on the platform and the other came an hour later. In that hour, I was walking around totally confused and thought i missed the train. i just hopped on the next train heading to the airport and hoped that the ticket man would let me be. I had to do a mad dash through the airport to get to my gate on time. Anyhow, here are most of the things i brought back. Some stuff i have people in mind for. If someone is really expecting a good gift from me (dad, ebony, mom, snipper, loren, aileen, mari, marcia, ajana, jillian, tyler, sonya, add your name here, etc) then my bad.  come over and pick up something or just consider my steady blogging and staying up late to post photos my gift to you. it was a lot of work ;)

I'm so nervous no one will like the things i even considered not giving any of it out just to avoid letting someone down. oh man, why is this so hard?




i didn't think till i got home that i should have picked up this hat for Snipper (my step-dad) as well. ARGH!


mom, you like tea right? It came from the National Art Museum. I walked a LONG way to go to this place on tuesday only to find out they were closed. I went back the next day (be for my flight) to look for something.