Forum Gone Wild

This past weekend our site, along with a few others we have hosted on the same service, was suspended. We couldn't figure out why. The bills were paid  and everything seemed alright so why cut us off. After a few calls and some support tickets filled out we finally get a back a response:

Your site was suspended, as Randolph indicated in ticket CUT-977291, due to the fact that your account is consuming a large amount of server resources. This includes CPU and Memory usage. Since late last week we have been monitoring the resource usage of your site which ranges betwee 45% and 95% of the servers total resources.

What? How could it when there is nothing on my site other than a few large files for clients. Then later on in the email it mentioned somethign about a 15 gig forum database. What! i don't have a foru....oooooh yeah that forum.

About 3 years ago Mari was a blogging champion. She had great, well written stories, funny life moments, nice photos and some random design sketches she would throw up every now and then. Well we – aileen, mari, aaron, me and several others – would end up using her comments like large chat room/twitter post. Things we would go off on a tangent about nothing at all all day. Well i thought, lets get all this nothing into something that focus it a little better; a forum.

After about 2 or so months it was kinda dead and slowly forgoten by us but not by all. I checked it today and guess what...the spammers came (no pun..well yeah it was intended). 260,000+ thousand messages filled with everything Bubble Boy's mom never would want him to see.