Weekend Trips

On my way to work this morning I thought about a few places I want/need to visit before the year is up and i came up with this little map:

1. Maine I've only had lobster a hand full of times in my life. It started two years ago with surf and turf in up state new york and since then i've been on a mission to eat the best possible lobster i can. I feel like maine is the only place i can make this happen.

2. Portland It seems like portland is getting cooler and cooler by the day. So many people i know have been or are going or have said amazing things about the city. I'm curious. The only problem is I don't know anyone there. I should find befriend some folks on flickr. If anyone wants to go, holler at me.

3. Houston, TX Little Cuz and best from back in the day live here. I need to see them asap (by asap i mean as soon as it isn't hot)

4. The OC My boy spence is moving out there this week and I think a trip to cali with blazey could be fun.

Thats all for this year I think.