What Goes Up...

If it's wack, it has to be taken down. Today we broke down the huge pods and replaced them with the incredibly sleek Muji desk. I couldn't be happier, even more when I get a chance to work in the office again. I'll be in Columbus from tomorrow til friday night working on a project for Nationwide.

Aaron dumped the pack of screws in the box which immediately sank to the bottom.

Now my Japanese is a little rusty but i'm sure that they got the instructions wrong. The diagram said to put the washers between the legs and the table tops. Completely wrong.

100 Year Difference.

Check this out. I shot this image a few weeks ago and thought out loud "I wonder how many times this was shot". Come to find out there is an image from 1908 of the same vantage point. The story over on The New Yorker (here)

The Manhattan Bridge, from Washington Street looking West, Brooklyn, June 5, 1908.