Portrait of a Lady

from my big picture blog

from my big picture blog

Marcia, as seen through my eyes. I believe it will become my definitive portrait of her in Paris.

I had a thought; This may actually be a self portait, using marcia as the sand-in for myself. I'm not one to put deeper meaning to my pictures but this one says so much more than what it shows.

My Location


Hey, just to answer the question as to where i'm at exactly: View Larger Map

Also, the round about cost of coming to Paris: $615 - Airfare. I used to find the flight.

$12 - Train ride from the The airport to Paris

$1,029.14 - Cost of the apartment for the week. (650 Euro - it is about average)

Everything else is the same price point as NYC but multiply it by 1.56. so a Starbucks coffee would cost you 5 euro or $7.92.