greene ave

Beer, BBQ and Friends

While blazey and i were setting up the roof Lara (upstairs neighbor) came out and told us remember to stay away from the part of the roof that was above their bedroom since it has been slowly caving in over the past few months. (umm, whoa i didn't know about that) For a little kicker there were way more folks coming than both me and blazey expected. I was still adimate about keeping it up there but poppa blazey made an executive desision to take it down to the stoop - i would have been terribly wrong. The stoop bbq was perfect.

Thank you to all the folks who came out, both the regulars and the new kids. Come back for an end of the summer bbq in a few months!

At the end of the post there is a link to all the other photos.

Here is a collage from Mari's Flickr

Happy birthday Kelly Gold!

Neighbors Valdimir , Sara and new daughter (check flickr and you'll see other photos of them)

Buck is our groundskeeper, lol.

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