Woodstock '08

You may remember the tons of photos that the 12 of us put up around this time last year from our trip to Woodstock. Well after sitting on this footage for a while, letting it age properly, Blazey and I sat down and decided it was time to get this little clip together for all of us to reminisce over.

Better viewed LARGEΒ  in HD over on vimeo

Edited by Blazey song: Winter Fade by Animal Collective


We're shooting somethings for Nationwide today which required us to build this wall and find all sorts of props for (which I would love to work with my girl Megan Terry on). Last night I stayed late and finished painting and cleaning up the studio. I set up my little G9 to shoot every 2 seconds. It worked great until my battery died a couple hours later without me realizing it.

The song is from Beck's new album that i can't seem to get enough of. It's titled (the song) Modern Guilt. There is one line that I seem to catch every time I listen – "I lost my baby 10 minutes ago".  I dig it.

It Ain't No Joke

I kinda hurt my back yesterday and I figured i needed to see the doctor since i can barely get out of bed. The video shows me walking pretty well (hunched and slow but still okay) but that wasn't the case 95% of the time today. Yeah i rode ella which was probably was a mistake. While I was sitting waiting for some lame advil prescription I got bored and walked creeped around the store looking for magazines