How Ya Livin' Biggie Smalls?

Biggie was on one floor, SWV was on one floor and we was on the floor with Little Shawn with Tone and Poke producing. We all ended up in the lobby of the studio on the second floor where I was, laughing and joking and then Tupac and Stretch get off the elevator and Tupac is bleeding from his head! I’m the first one standing in the front and I address Tupac like, Yo, you bleeding from your head, what happened?! He says, “Yo, they tried to stick me downstairs.” So then he says, ”Stretch, roll me a joint.” And he’s looking suspicious at the motherfuckers who was there. So Stretch rolled him a joint and Tupac smoked that motherfucker straight. I mean straight down like it was a James Cagney movie—and then the mothefucker passed out. And then we had to pick this nigga up and put him on the couch. Biggie wasn’t even on our floor.

—Andre Harrell