I am now a big fan of vimeo

My biggest complaints and frustrations with video on the web is that i would spend all this time making my video look as good as i could and then i had to uploaded it to some online sharing just to throw all that work out the window. I remember having a conversation with Aaron about this almost a year or more ago about it. It happened when i was uploading some things to Vimeo and i got pissed when i had to view it small and it looked like donkey. Well now i’m glad to see Vimeo and the crew gets it. Video does NOT and should not have to look like crap on the web. How can people expect us to buy HD tvs at home and settle for really crappy looking videos on the web? It is such a contradiction. We have larger screens, faster computers, fast internet connections, prosumer hd quality cameras – freak, my neighbor has HD quality video in her $300 point-and-shoot digital camera

 So to all the musicians (sans kanye who seems to get it), network tv, advertisers, youtube, i urge you to step your game up.