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i hope that in a few years there will be a couple young black folks in the mix. 


Very proud of foursquare and all my friends featured in this NYMag article about the New York Tech scene. When clicking through the photo gallery I kept wondering, where are all the women? 

It’s this default use of the term guy that can grate for women in the scene. “Men refer men,” says 29-year-old Elizabeth Stark, a Brown and Harvard Law grad who teaches law and technology classes at Yale. “You have to directly address the problem, or you won’t change it. So if we just keep it status quo, for all the reasons defined in these self-reinforcing networks, they will stay self-reinforcing with the white, geeky, male, Stanford/Harvard-dropout types. And that’s who a lot of the V.C.’s are investing in. If I had a bunch of money, I would start a firm for women tomorrow.”

I’m glad this was addressed in the article. I’m also happy to have worked on Nabewise, Rent the Runway and a GILT property, Jetsetter. Now lets change the status quo. 

(via New York Magazine