I changed my mind

I'm sitting at JFK with about 45 minutes till my flight leaves and i'm playing around on the 'net. I decide to look up more about the hostel i booked and come to find out it is pretty janky! well for 25 bucks what did i expect? Anyhow, I found another place called K's House Tokyo which apparently was awarded the best hostel award. I just emailed them to reserve a place ( i can't call because it is about 12am there). I'm going to press my luck and just head there when I get to tokyo. Why am I staying at a hostel and not somewhere fresh? It's mainly because i don't want to spend an extra $100 just for a short night – I am leaving out really early the next morning. I want to stay at a place called Granbell Hotel in Shibuya.

K’s House

Okay, time to shut down this computer, go grab yet another magazine and maybe a drink per blazey's recomendation on the best way to fall asleep for a long time (that also includes 4 tylenol PMs).