First Day Notes on Japan

This is Tokyo:

  • The chick on the airplane was far from friendly
  • Tokyo airport was clean and quite easy to get out of
  • I was a only a little unsure of where I was going
  • The hostel, K's House Tokyo, was farily easy to get to
  • Thank you to the old lady who noticed i was turned around. sorry we couldn't communicate what-so-ever
  • Remember to never try to book a popular hostel less than 24 hours in advance – they will be full
  • I ended up getting back on the train and to my original hostel.
  • Now i'm tired of carying these bags. why couldn't i just have a little backpack?
  • Thank you to the old man who ran the convenience store for noticing i was lost (he come out side and waved his hand for me to come to him)
  • Thank you for the dry cleaner who helped me out after i got lost a second time
  • Thank you hotel koyo for only being 25 bucks.

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