BK x Miyota

After a couple of hours talking with Miho and driving around her city i realized it is Springfield's twin. Miyota-1I can't wait to put up the post all about the cars! They are so tiny!



It's Grandma! She was very nice. She gave me 3 oranges and two charms she makes herself. Miho said she really wanted to speak to me but didn't know any english to say. Miyota-4

Miyota-5BIG BOY!? Snipper, you would also feel right at home here...but i guess they don't have any hamburgers....all bad.

The first then I saw in Tokyo when I came out of the subway stop was a Denny's. Don't worry, i haven't eaten there and i promise i won't. Miyota-6

Miyota-7Notice how the chairs are all different? That is how we want to set up our kitchen when ever we get around to buying a new table.



Miyota-10Yushi Cafe is easily the best cafe i've been to thus far. It is perfect. The interior was eclectic - kinda japanese, kinda vintage, kinda hip designy. They were playing Billie Holiday and the latte was good. 


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