a better photobooth

Miyota-17 Since Kate and I didn't get a chance to do it I asked Miho is she would regress back to 15 and join me in a photobooth. They are called Puri-kura (Japanese short for Print club...thanks Mish!)

So imagine a huge arcade with a section of 6 - 10 of these booths. There are all sorts of themes as you can see from the curtains and graphics. Pick a booth, go inside and sit on these green steps (like a movie green screen). Then pick how many photos you want and the theme of each. Take a few photos just like a regular photobooth and you're done. or so i thought...

We went out to the back of the booth and started adding our own graphics to the photos! Add all kind of graphics, short phrases, glittery things, stars, fairy dust, and cartoon characters. about 80 different pen color/stroke options. It was way too fresh.




you know i was all about doodling on photos! I could done this forever.


oh! you can also pick one and email it to your phone. Okay, so who wants to go in with me and pick up a few of these booths? Instead of having the photos sent to your phone you can send it to your facebook or myspace. Instant profile photo switch up. That would be money in the bank. Why has no one done that here in the states yet?