Akihabara ( ahkey ha bah-rah ) a.k.a. Electric Town

akihabara-9 When I told my friend in Tokyo that I was staying here she replied "why do you want to be where all the geeks are at!?"

So yeah, this is where you go to find all things electronic and lots of anime. I killed some time here before I met up with Mayumita later in the evening. All the stories about finding all sorts of gadgets that are way in the future are pretty much over hyped. It is cool and all but I just wasn't feeling it like i thought. Maybe it was sensory overload. Maybe it was the saki from the night before. Whatever it was i was ready to get off of that street, the bright lights and lound noises pretty soon after I arrived.

The coolest part was a few of the small flea market type streets that sold everything you need to build anything electronic. a gillion types of wires, light bulbs, batteries, screwdrivers etc. I'm a collecter of things I think I may have a possibility of needing in the future so of course I wanted to buy everything.